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Ronin (Japan, 1630)

Ronin (浪人) is the word used to describe a kind of samurai without a master.
In the XVIIth century, during "Tokugawa Ages", there were a lot of vagabonds samurais, with no lord (daimio) and they usually fights against other samurais or ronin, worked like a bodyguard of a rich man, lived in monasteries to write about kendo or become a pirate in other asiatic countries.

As you can see, I want to paint a ronin, a very interesting character of the medieval and modern japanese ages.

The miniature that I've got it's a gift, a present from my sweet Idoia, who lived during 6 months in Japan (or Nippon-koku, as japaneses called their country in the Middle Age / Zipango for the medieval europeans).
This ronin was made by Kaiyodo, and it is from "Akira Kurosawa's miniature collection". As you Know, Kurosawa was a very famous japanese cinema director, and he made films like "Samurai Seven" or "Yojimbo".

The ronin figure was prepainted, but I decided to clean it and paint it again.

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I love to make terrains, you know it, that's why I decided to make a japanese house, with all of the oriental art and architecture details.
There isn't a temple, this is a rural house, with a few decoration, but I tried to make the roof as a real one, the wall, the wood floor...

I'll put an almond tree and other kind of vegetation when I finish the terrain.

I want to represent not a war scene, but a normal episode. I made a broken wooden bucket with laundry inside it, as if a child had been playing with it until it broke:

"- What's happened?" said the ronin.
- OMG! I fight in many wars and finally here I am, watching children playing..." said seriously the ronin."

As you can see, there's an special scene, not usual but very cute, I think.

I hope you like it!!

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goblinoide dijo...

Me gusta, sencillo pero bonito ^^ al principio he pensado que lo habías pintado en blanco y negro, jeje...

Me lo imagino pintado con la gama de colores suaves de los pergaminos chinos antiguos, pero bueno, ya pondrás el resultado por aquí ^^

Ah, una cosilla... he estado mirando posts antiguos de tu blog y he encontrado una cosa que quiero regalar estas navidades, ¿podrías decirme una dirección de correo donde preguntarte por la mini en cuestión? es que la persona a la que se la quiero regalar suele leer tu blog aunque no comente, y se estropearía la sorpresa ^^

Si quieres escribirme tú, mi mail es goblinoide87@yahoo.es

Gracias de antemano por la ayuda ^^ Un abrazo

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