martes, 1 de diciembre de 2009

Ronin (Japan, 1630) (2)

I'm very happy with this little project, because is not only paint or make terrain... this is an historical work!! I looked for some information about the japanese modern ages, their houses, clothes, and weapons.

I want to represent a realistic scene, with the original colors and details.

As you can see I used green, brown and yellow colors, mixed with pink details, the flowers and leaves of the almond tree. I try to represent the original japanese ambient.

In these pictures you can see that the wood floor and the grass are wet, because the wooden bucket was broken... oh poor ronin! His clothes are still dirty!

I hope you like it!

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ELMEN/ Daniel Martinez Muñoz dijo...

Colega que maravilla, todos los dioramas que te curras son de 10, pero este tiene algo que me gusta especialmente y que me recuerda a grandes sagas del cine....sigue así que esto es una pedazo de pieza, ganas locas tengo de verla en mano.

Un fuerte abrazo colega...cuidate

Pd: Te conteste al pm de la fabrica, me parece correcto!!

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